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How to fix Disney Plus error

The recent launch of Disney’s new streaming platform, Disney Plus, received extensive coverage in the media and online. We were able to see a lot of exclusive content, ads, and supported platforms added. Unfortunately, we were also able to see a lot of issues and bugs that may still concern some Disney Plus users.

From error code 73 to day one login issues, launching Disney Plus hasn’t been a walk in the park. That said, with such a large platform launch, trouble is to be expected. Here’s how to deal with various Disney Plus errors.

Error 73

Disney Plus launched in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands on November 12, and later in Australia and New Zealand on November 19. The rest of the world is definitely looking at the 2020 releases. However, even though it’s supposed to work in the countries mentioned, there are still some incredibly annoying location-based issues.

Error code 73 is a location availability issue. But it’s important for you to realize that this issue could actually be a content availability issue, meaning that certain content won’t be available in certain countries, even though Disney Plus has fully launched and works there. This puts a question mark over Disney’s claim that all Disney Plus content will be available to everyone (wherever it’s published) at any time.

The first step in addressing this error should of course be to reset your internet connection and the device in question. First, turn off your router, unplug it from the power source, and unplug all Ethernet cables. Then turn off your device (TV, computer, smartphone, tablet) and turn it on again. Now, connect all the Ethernet cables to your router and turn it on. If this doesn’t fix error 73, it’s likely that the content you’re trying to play has content restrictions.

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The only way around this is by using a VPN service to make your location appear as if you are in a country where the particular content is actually available. Of course, a simple google will help you see if the particular content is available in your location.

Error 42

What’s cool about this bug is that it’s essentially an answer to life’s last question in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. What makes this bug strange is that no one can seem to come up with an ideal solution for this particular bug which bears the same number as it appears in the science fiction novel: 42.

Now the error 42 is essentially a problem with the connection to Disney Plus. It is not yet clear if this is a bug on the user side or Disney Plus.

What is a solid possibility, however, is the fact that Disney Plus is simply having a hard time meeting everyone’s demands: During the platform’s first-day launch, many users reported login issues, due to the fact that that Disney Plus I did not dream that the number of new enthusiastic users would be so great. In fact, in the first 24 hours, Disney Plus had around 10 million subscribers, while HBO had around five million during its first two years!

It’s possible that the error appears due to an issue on your end: you need a strong internet connection to stream 4K. Go to, run a test and see if your connection is slower than 5Mbps. If not, chances are error 42 is not on your side. If not, consider getting a better subscription.

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So it’s entirely possible that Disney Plus is still struggling with a record number of subscribers, contributing to connectivity issues. That said, aside from rebooting your device and router and hoping for the best, there’s not much you can do about it. Well, apart from waiting for the service to be fixed, that is.

Error 83

Error 83 is unfortunately one of the most common issues with many Disney Plus subscribers. To make things even more frustrating, it’s a compatibility issue, which means your device probably doesn’t support Disney Plus. But, if that’s the case, how did you manage to download the app in the first place? Well, there is no definitive answer here. However, there are some solutions that you can try and hope for the best.

First of all, restart your device. Yes. It may be very boring advice, but you’d be surprised how many people just blatantly forget to do it.

If the error persists, use Google to see if your exact device model is compatible with Disney Plus.

If so, that’s good news, as you’ll likely be able to use Disney Plus. Check if your firmware is up to date, update the actual Disney Plus app and try to find all the updates for the device in question. If you’re not sure how to update your device’s firmware, visit the manufacturer’s website and carefully follow the instructions. You will also find many helpful tutorials on YouTube.

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Disney Plus bugs

These three mistakes are definitely among the most common. However, there are a variety of possible additional errors that are easier to resolve. In any case, if you are unsure about addressing an issue on your own, Disney Plus Customer Service is ready to help.

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Have you experienced any of the three errors mentioned while using Disney Plus? Did you solve it/them? How did you manage to do it? Hit the comments section below if you have any questions or tips that might help future Disney Plus users.

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