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How to enable Boost mode on your Nintendo Switch

There was a lot of commotion surrounding the Nintendo Switch booster mode in 2019. Rumors of its addition started much earlier, but Nintendo officials never commented on them. Then, out of the blue, in April 2019, they secretly released boost mode.

Boost mode was nowhere to be found in the official patch notes, but users slowly started to notice it. If you want to learn how to activate it on your Switch, here’s some good news. You don’t have to do anything, boost mode is already enabled, since the 8.0.0 Switch update.

Read on for more details on the subject.

When and how did this happen?

As mentioned before, Nintendo was very secretive about the whole thing. In April of last year, they sneakily included boost mode in firmware update 8.0.0 for the Switch. The update officially improved data transfer, introduced software changes, and added the zoom feature.

However, the home developers noted that there was an additional charge, which Nintendo did not include in the patch notes. There isn’t actually a boost mode, but since everyone calls it that, the name stuck.

More importantly, this boost mode greatly increased the CPU performance of the Nintendo Switch. The normal CPU speed of the Switch is 1 GHz. With the update it jumped to 1.75 GHz on a few occasions.

Please note that this boost mode is not always enabled. It only works on a few games, like Super Mario Odyssey and the latest installment of The Legend of Zelda. Look, both titles are, in fact, Nintendo games.

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It makes sense that Nintendo is working to improve the quality of its titles on its consoles. There were no official statements from the company, but the boost mode is already confirmed.

However, the performance increase was not only visible in Nintendo’s Switch games. Mortal Kombat 11 also improved GPU performance by 20%.

Nintendo switch and numbers

I’m sorry to tell all you Nintendo fans out there, but the Switch is not a world-class console. Its hardware is lacking, much more so when compared to top-tier consoles like the PS4 Pro or Xbox One S. Even regular competing consoles far outperform the Switch.

Normal Nintendo Switch CPU clock speed is 1020 MHz and GPU clock speed is 768 MHz when docked. If you’re using the Switch on the go, then the GPU clock drops to a measly 307 MHz. Try comparing those values ​​to an average computer and you’ll see that it’s seriously lacking.

This outdated technology can hardly compete with the ever-evolving next-gen consoles. Of course, the Switch is portable and has iconic game titles that make it hugely popular, despite the lack of hardware.

Honestly, load times on the Switch weren’t that bad before. However, this boost mode has made things easier.

What to expect in the future

To everyone’s disappointment, Nintendo didn’t promote its new consoles last year at the E3 convention. However, the future for Nintendo is still very bright. They will most likely announce the new Switch model at some point.

Maybe it will even make its debut in late 2020, who knows? The last quarter of 2020 looks promising for all console enthusiasts because PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will launch at that time. Nintendo knows this very well and it is most likely that they will launch a new model at the end of the year to continue active in the console war.

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Maybe we’ll see boost mode for Switch taken to a new higher level? Otherwise they could make a completely different console with better graphics and hardware.

People are expecting 1080p gameplay on the new console and even 4k support for stationary mode. Hopefully, the new console also improves ergonomics and comfort.

How to activate boost mode

Boost mode is already activated

Enjoy the free boost mode provided by Nintendo, while you anticipate the launch of the new console. There are no official statements about the launch of the console, but our best bet is at the end of 2020.

It seems that everyone is excited about the next consoles, and rightly so. Console games have always been lacking when compared to PC games. There’s a good chance that will change in the not too distant future.

Are you satisfied with your Nintendo Switch? What features would you like to add to the next Nintendo console? Let us know in the comments section.

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