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Hello Games relaunches Joe Danger on iOS after receiving an emotional letter from a fan

Although the British study Hello Games is mainly known for No Man’s Sky, before publishing the great space exploration game, they carried out smaller-scale projects such as the saga Joe Danger; is a series of motorcycle stunt titles in scroll side, one format arcade which has worked well enough to spread to various releases and versions over the last decade.

However, the success of No Man’s Sky has made Hello Game drop this franchise, something that has not only affected the arrival of new deliveries but has also made a dent in the technical support they provide to published games. Some titles of Joe Danger, specifically the versions of Joe Danger Infinity Y Joe Danger Touch for iOS, They were unusable after the last update. of Apple’s mobile operating system. The study had not been aware of this problem until it has decided to take action on the matter after receiving an emotional letter from a fan.

The mail that brought back Joe Danger a iOS

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, has shared the letter on his official Twitter account explaining why that message has led them to recover the two deliveries of Joe Danger for iOS. Everything has been thanks to Jack, an eight-year-old boy with autism and for which games Joe Danger they have become not only a form of entertainment, but also a tool for communication with others. Jack’s father, who actually signed the letter, explains to Hello Games how much gaming Joe Danger have helped your child relate to others and how important they are to him, something that has struck a chord with Murray and his team.

The last iOS update made it unplayable Joe Danger Infinity Y Joe Danger Touch on iPhone and iPad, so much so that they no longer even appeared in the App Store search bar. Thanks to this email, the games they’re back with a remastered edition that can be purchased at 1.99 each in the Spanish digital store.

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