Wednesday, August 17

Halo support developer Certain Affinity is reportedly working on a “Monster-style game.”

Microsoft might be busy acquiring Activision Blizzard, but it has plenty of other plans for Xbox. A new report claims that a game like Monster Hunter is being developed with Game Pass in mind.

The report comes from last episode of GrubbSnax, the Giant Bomb show hosted by Jeff Grubb, who previously correctly claimed that Quantic Dream was working on Star Wars Eclipse, among other insider scoops. Grubb is now reporting that Certain Affinity, a support studio that has helped develop multiplayer features for the Call of Duty and Halo franchises, is now working on a “Monster Hunter-style game.”

Grubb explains that Xbox is aiming to bring as many cooperative multiplayer games as possible to Game Pass, with Rainbow Six Extraction and The Anacrusis being recent examples. But these don’t always have to be in the vein of Left 4 Dead, as this Monster Hunter-inspired game from Certain Affinity demonstrates. Xbox was reportedly on the hunt for this type of game and signed on to publish the Certain Affinity project as it fit the bill. “They can’t get real Monster Hunter,” says Grubb, “but [they can get] a game like that with long-term support.”

This is Game Pass for Xbox. The aforementioned Activision Blizzard acquisition has prompted Phil Spencer to say that the all-you-can-play service will get “as many games as possible” from the deal. This new report is an even bigger incentive for gamers to try Game Pass.

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