Friday, September 30

Crusaders Kings 3 will allow same-sex marriages

Crusader Kings 3 It’s one of the best strategy video games that have been published during the last years, a deep and absorbing title that allows us to control the ins and outs of the medieval kingdoms at our whim and that, in addition, is more accessible for new players thanks to a new tutorial since, at least for the who writes to you, the interface is friendlier and everything is better explained than in previous installments.

Today Paradox brings us news for this delivery since with next update players will be able to arrange same-sex marriages. Until now in the saga it was possible to have certain sexual relations with other men or women but, nevertheless, if we wanted to unite two men in marriage we had to resort to mods.

At the beginning in Crusader Kings 3 the modders They already published a tool for same-sex marriages, something that could break the game and that Paradox prohibited outright, although, since then, they have “made changes to support same-sex character relationships and we plan to enable same-sex marriage for mods starting with version 1.4” that will be ready to accept this type of links. In addition, in the future, this option may also be enabled within the game rules of the games we play in Crusader Kings 3.

Crusader Kings 3 coming to XSX/S and PS5 on March 29

Another of the great news that Paradox has this week for fans of Crusader Kings 3 is that the game will debut this year on PS5 and XSX/S, the current generation consoles on which this medieval title will be available starting March 29 so we can change the course of history.

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