Saturday, October 1

A fan-made Pokemon game lets you mercilessly slaughter Pikachu

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you! Someone went ahead and created an FPS Pokémon, which lets you blow Pikachu up with a shotgun, among other horrible things. Sadly for all of us, you can’t download this game as it was made purely for a funny Youtube video, but it’s good to watch.

Through a short clip shared on the Twitter account of Dragon_GameDev2, the developer behind this fan game, we can see several Pokémon eliminated with a variety of weapons. This includes pistols, shotguns, and a variety of automatic weapons. The original tweet currently has 81,000 likes and 28,000 retweets.

As much as we’d love to get our hands on the game, it’s probably best for the creator that this game isn’t released to the public. Nintendo is notoriously strict when it comes to protecting its intellectual properties. Long-time readers may recall that the No Mario’s Sky fan game, which was scrapped in 2016, was just one of many projects shut down by the gaming industry giant.

But it has to be said, there’s something about the combination of cute pokemon and weapons that’s inherently appealing. Immediately after watching the video for the first time, my mind went straight to PALWORLD. This was a third-person action-adventure game that had the player use a variety of creations to build houses, block bullets, or work on factory lines. Something about a darker twist on Pokémon-style games seems to speak to people.

So what do you think of this fan game? Let us know below if you’d like to play it and what you think is stopping people from creating these types of projects.

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