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Vitali Klitschko, Putin’s scourge in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia




Sand something is not missing Vitaly Klitschko during his boxing career was the determination, the same one he shows now when he sends a message to his compatriots regarding the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. As the nation’s sports hero and current mayor of Kiev, ‘Doctor Iron Fist’ has established himself as a respected leader and speaker to the world.

The eldest of the Klitschko brothers has already said that he is ready to defend Ukraine from the front and has even charged against Germany, a NATO member country that in theory defends the same interests. Earlier this month, Vitali already pointed out that Ukraine was at war by observing Russian moves and insulted Russian President Vladimir Putin, describing it as “gangrene”.

Klistcko, from boxing to politics

Before going to his statements, let us remember that Vitali proclaimed himself for the first time world heavyweight champion in 1999 and who came to reign in three different decades. He closed his stage as a boxer definitively in 2012, although he previously recast his political party (the one he launched during a previous withdrawal) as UDAR (Democratic Alliance for the Reform of Ukraine) and opted for mayor of Kiev in full Euromaidn, the movement that ended up overthrowing President Victor Yanukovych, protected by Russia. In 2014 I assumed the mayorship of the Ukrainian capital, after forming an alliance with today’s former president Petro Poroshenko, who was also not in line with Moscow.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia

These days we are witnessing an escalation of tension, which could lead to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After the Euromaidn protests in 2014 and the consequent fall of President Vktor Yanukovych, Putin maneuvered to promote in record time – including the referendum – the creation of the Republic of Crimea, recognized only by Russia, which he annexed to its territory.

We want to be part of the European family and Putin has the idea of ​​rebuilding the Soviet Union

Vitali Klitscko (mayor of Kiev)

At this point, in which Russia wants to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO, Vitali Klitschko’s statements in an interview on Channel 4 News are already resounding: “Our neighbor to the east is not happy with our decision to be part of the European family. We do not want to return to the USSR. We were in the USSR and we see our future as part of a European family. Putin disagrees. They have an idea to rebuild the Soviet Union, but we do not want to return to the USSR. We see our future as a free democracy,” he said.

Fight a war with Russia? be in the front

Vitali Klitschko (alcalde de Kiev)

In his speech, he showed that he is prepared for everything: “As a former officer, I spent a lot of time in the army. As a former soldier, I am ready to defend my country.”, to defend the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Fight in the war against Russia? Yes, of course. fight on the front”, said the mayor of Kiev.

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The 5,000 helmets of Germany

During these days, various NATO countries, to a greater or lesser extent, help to arm Ukraine in the event of a war, and the expgil has had harsh words for germany, the country in which, curiously enough, he fought so much during his career. The Ukrainian government requested military material from Foreign Minister Olaf Scholz, and the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Christine Lambrecht, announced: “We will supply Ukraine with 5,000 helmets, as a clear signal: we are by your side”. As he said, the helmets were among the requests.

However, Klitschko thus analyzed in the Bild newspaper the ambiguous position that he believes the Teutonic country is having. “The behavior of the German government leaves me speechless. Apparently, the German Ministry of Defense has not realized that we are facing perfectly equipped russian forces that they can start another invasion of the Ukraine at any time. What kind of support will Germany send next? Pillows?”.

Germany sticks to Nord Stream 2 and does not want to supply defense weapons

Vitali Klitscko (mayor of Kiev)

Vitali continued in this way: “There is great disappointment in the Ukraine because the federal government sticks to Nord Stream 2 and does not want to supply defense weapons. This is lack of assistance and betrayal of friends in a dramatic situation in which our country is threatened by Russian troops from various borders.

Klitschko refers in his message to Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which links Russia with Germany and passes through Ukraine, and which is close to being launched. In this sense, the US State Department has made it clear today that the conflict is likely to affect this project. Joe Biden intends this to be a favorable and not an unfavorable negotiation weapon, and for this “they are working with Germany”.

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