Tuesday, October 4

They create a giant Game Boy screen from 9 small LCD screens

In Vandal we love the classic console mods. In previous news we have shown you some of the most original and disturbing designs in equal parts, such as the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS with multiple screens or the well-known key-chain consoles that are similar in size to a grain of rice. The modification that we bring you today is no less remarkable, and it is that a Twitter user specialized in retro technology -according to what we can read in his biography- has managed to create a giant Game Boy screen made from nine LCD screens.

As reported from Nintendo Life, the user managed to connect all nine screens on a single console to create an enlarged version of the image. Mind you, the price to pay for the considerable increase in size is a image somewhat segmented by the edges of the screens, although there will be those who do not mind. Naturally, the fact of increasing an image that is at a low resolution directly influences its quality when we increase it. In a nutshell, the screen gains in size, although the image looks considerably blurrier and at a lower resolution, since the original resolution was not very high.

Other Nintendo console mods

If you have been wanting to know other ingenious modifications of Nintendo consoles, you can take a look at this selection that we leave you below. To begin with, we found a Nintendo 64 modified and totally converted into a Functional Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, we also have a desktop PC built from the chassis of a Nintendo GameCube, as well as a Game Boy Advance SP modified to function as a dock to connect the Nintendo hybrid console to the television.

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