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RUMOR: Part 2 of Final Fantasy VII Remake will not come to PlayStation 4 | LevelUp

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Final Fantasy VII Remake It certainly met the expectations of the fans, although some were left anxious to play part 2. The title initially debuted in 2020, so the wait has been longer than some expected and information has just emerged that will discourage fans. some users who were hoping to play it on PlayStation 4.

Square Enix’s RPG remake originally came as a timed exclusive to PlayStation 4 and so far is the only console it’s available on. The launch came in the last year of this system, so it was expected that it would be an intergenerational title and that the adventure would end on PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately for those who had hoped that the next installment or installments would also appear on PlayStation 4, there is bad news, or at least that is what the renowned informant indicates. Nate the Hate.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II could be far from debut

In a recent video, the informant took the opportunity to comment more on the development of this title and mentioned that Square Enix is ​​making its teams speed up the pace to launch games faster.

However, he suggested that part 2 is still a long time away. According to the informant (via Comic Book), the release of the title depends on the premiere of Final Fantasy XVI, the next all-new game in the series.

This should not be surprising, since, although we knew about the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake even before it was announced Final Fantasy XVI, Square Enix has only spoken and shown something of the latter officially. In fact, the only thing we know about Final Fantasy VII Remake is that it will be developed in more installments (the quantity was not specified).

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In case you missed it: Square Enix producer anticipated that 2022 will be a great year for Final Fantasy VII.

This panorama is not at all encouraging if we remember that Square Enix recently reported that the development of Final Fantasy XVI It’s almost half a year late. The good news is that the next announcement is scheduled for the spring of this year.

As in other occasions in which there is only unofficial information, we recommend you take it with reservation, even though it comes from an informant who has offered accurate details on several occasions.

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