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Professional archer criticizes Link’s bow skills in Zelda Breath of the Wild

The bow is probably one of the most useful weapons we can use in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when facing the different creatures that populate the kingdom of Hyrule. Whether for the different types of arrows -wood, fire, ice, electric, bomb and ancient- or by the ability to slow down time to hit better, the hylian shows that he has a good morning with the bow… Although it seems that his technique is far from perfect. As reported from Polygon, a professional archer has shared through TikTok in which she has criticized the way Link catches the arrows.

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The expert points out that the way Link draws the arrow is not entirely correct since can hamper shooting accuracy, causing the arrow to deviate in the opposite direction to which we want it to fly and we do not hit the target. In the most recent entry in the saga The Legend of Zelda, the intrepid hero readies the arrows on top of the bow and uses what is known as a “two fingers inverted” roll. In the words of the archer, this way of shooting “is shit” and people should not use it in real life if they want to perfect their technique.

Other comparisons with fictional characters

Of course, the criticism is not free and has its foundation. Apparently, if we shoot an arrow the same way Link does, there is a danger that the string twists when released and pushes the arrow to one sidecompletely deflecting the shot. Additionally, the same TikTok account has published several videos in which we can see the technique of various fictional archers such as Katniss Evderdeen from The Hunger Games The Merida from Brave (Indomitable) compared to real-world professionals.

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