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Naughty Dog does not rule out returning to Uncharted in the future

Naughty Dog opens the possibility to develop new games in the saga Uncharted, something that in the past seemed more difficult. On the occasion of the launch of the collection Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection adapted to PlayStation 5 -and soon on PC- the directors of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy -Kurt Margenau and Shaun Escayg- have commented on their interest in returning to Uncharted in the future.

“I think we can say ‘never say never'”, says Escayg to GamesRadar. “S. Uncharted It’s a series we love and the studio loves it. I like it, Kurt likes it. It is a world we want to see more of. I could certainly say that [ver otro nuevo Uncharted]”.

After The Lost Legacy de 2017 Naughty Dog se centr en The Last of Us Parte 2, and it is known that there is a team dedicated to an independent multiplayer popularly known as Factions 2. They would also be creating a remake of the first The Last of Us along with VASG, but it is unknown if Naughty Dog is preparing something original as the next big project or if they will resume any of their licenses. Was intend to collaborate with Bend Studio on a new Uncharted, but Bend ultimately opted for an original game instead of Days Gone 2 or other collaborations.

The directors of the last game haven’t seen the movie yet.

A good reason to develop new Uncharted could be the imminent premiere of the film adaptation -on February 11 in Spain-, although these directors have not yet had a chance to see the film.

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“Neither of us have been involved. I’m excited to see Tom Holland’s version of the character. I don’t know more than the trailers I’ve seen,” says Margenau. “It’s finally here. We have Uncharted on the big screen, I’ll never change directors again and it won’t be long. I think Tom Holland is a great choice“.

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