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Mario Party Superstars and Nintendo Switch were the best sellers last week in Japan

Famitsu has published its estimate of video games and physical consoles sold in Japan during the week from January 17 to 23, a period that has not left big headlines and that seems to be calm while waiting for the big launch of the month, that of Leyendas Pokmon Arceus (which will arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch on Friday, January 28).

In fact, in the list of the 10 best-selling physical games last week in Japan there is no new release, and the best-selling title was Mario Party Superstars for Nintendo Switch, which exceeded 20,000 units. Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that this title has managed to break the streak of Pokemon Shiny Diamond/Shiny Pearl, which had so far been the best seller week after week since its launch in November. These remakes have remained in second position, yes, as you can see in the ranking available below, made up of Switch games only:

  • [NSW] Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo. 10/29/21) 20.340 (814.023)
  • [NSW] Pokemon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl (The Pokemon Company. 11/19/21) 13,696 (2,468,151)
  • [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo. 12/07/18) 13.347 (4.726.811)
  • [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo. 04/28/17) 13.340 (4.387.139)
  • [NSW] Minecraft (Microsoft. 06/21/18) 9892 (2.485.415)
  • [NSW] Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo. 03/20/20) 9257 (7.158.271)
  • [NSW] Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo. 10/18/19) 7668 (3.052.106)
  • [NSW] Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain (Nintendo. 12/03/21) 6.994 (230.422)
  • [NSW] Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa. Heisei. Reiwa mo Teiban! (Konami. 11/19/20) 6948 (2.577.427)
  • [NSW] 51 Worldwide Games (Nintendo. 06/05/20) 5301 (911.313)

Switch adds more than 77,000 new consoles sold

In regards to hardware there is not much news, with Nintendo Switch in first position thanks to the 77,219 new consoles it has sold among its three models (standard, Lite and OLED, with the latter in the lead). The second family of consoles has been PS5 with 18,857 units, followed by Xbox Series X/S with 2627, Nintendo 2DS with 325 consoles and PS4 in last place with only 14 units sold. You can see the full ranking below:

  • Switch Model OLED 36534 (1,030,341)
  • Switch 27.609 (17.894.965)
  • Switch Lite 13.076 (4.510.554)
  • PlayStation 5 15.729 (1.106.719)
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 3128 (207.280)
  • Xbox Series X 1620 (75.885)
  • Xbox Series S 1007 (58.453)
  • New 2DS LL (incluyendo 2DS) 325 (1.181.039)
  • PlayStation 4 14 (7.819.291)

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