Tuesday, November 29

Horizon Forbidden West shows its first gameplay on PS4 Pro

Less than a month to launch Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 and PS4, Guerrilla Games has announced that the project has reached its phase gold, which means that you are ready to take the next steps until you reach Sony consoles next February 18. Along with this announcement, the developer has published an article in the PlayStation official blog in which he has shown several gameplay scenes captured directly on PS4 Pro.

Until now Guerrilla Games had focused on teaching the next generation version of Horizon Forbidden West, but ensuring on several occasions that the game would also enjoy high technical quality on the previous generation platform. In the videos that we have been able to see today, a tour of various sections of the game running on PS4 Pro, the version of hardware improved from the last generation console. Under these lines you can see all the scenes that the company has shared today.

Simultaneous development on PS5 and PS4

“Regardless of whether you play on PS4 or PS5, our team has made sure that you have the best experience on each platform, our team has made sure that you have the best experience on each platform,” he says. Angie Smets, Studio Director and Executive Producer at GuerillaGames. Some time ago the company assured that the development of Horizon Forbidden West it `s done simultaneously on both platforms and ensured that the game “will look amazing” on the last generation console.

Horizon Forbidden West be available on 18th of February on PS5 and PS4 at a price of 79,99 for the standard edition on the new generation console and ten euros less for the same edition on the last generation console. It should be remembered that the update from the PS4 version to the PS5 version will be free.

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