Tuesday, October 4

Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights will be released in 2022 according to WarnerMedia CEO

fans of the universe Harry Potter and the DC superheroes are in luck. As confirmed by Jason Kilar, CEO of WarnerMedia, both Hogwarts Legacy What Gotham Knights will finally reach physical and digital stores at the end of this year, although at the moment neither of them has an exact release date. Both titles were delayed to 2022 and certain rumors suggested that they could suffer a new delay, although a source recently confirmed that Legacy would arrive in 2022, something that we can finally corroborate with the statements that Kilar has shared.

“This mission, this strategy continues on the 22nd with a sense of urgency: launch of HBO Max in many more countries this quarter and the rest of the year, launch of CNN+, delivery of a complete list of highly anticipated gamesKilar explained in a thread to talk about WarnerMedia’s financial results for 2021 and the company’s strategy in 2022. As you can see in the attached tweet, Hogwarts Legacy Y Gotham Knights they appear within the 2022 strategy in the section that mentions “a complete list of highly anticipated games”. Knowing this information, it would not surprise us that sooner rather than later we learn something more about how its development is advancing along with images not seen until now.

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Two of the most anticipated games of this 2022

“One of his great promises is to make us make tough decisions during the course of them, something that, said like this, could remind us of what was seen in The Witcher 3, although no further details have been given regarding the operation of this system or the scope of the consequences of our actions, so we will have to wait a little longer to find out for sure”, we commented in our report on Hogwarts Legacy. “The game could not be more promising for anyone who has enjoyed the Arkham saga, although its story does not continue that plot: it will be original and independent of what we have seen in the comics or other games. The duration promises to be generous, as the first gameplay demo takes place after 12 hours of gameplay,” we explained in our full coverage of Gotham Knights.


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