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“He doesn’t know about video games!” Author criticizes George RR Martin’s role in ELDEN RING | LevelUp

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The confirmation of a new game by FromSoftware generates a lot of expectations and this time the hype went through the roof when it was revealed that the project had the participation of George RR Martin, the author responsible for the work that inspired Game of Thrones, time passed and we met THE FIRE RING, a game that takes place in a world full of fantasy and horror in equal measure and is one of the most anticipated of 2022. However, there is someone who simply does not agree with FromSoftware’s decision.

Brandon Sanderson hated that George RR Martin was on THE FIRE RING

Sometimes professional zeal is unavoidable and the phrase “I would do better” can be heard everywhere. Well, this time it’s about an American writer, Brandon Sanderson, known for his epic fantasy and science fiction works, who criticized FromSoftware’s decision to get involved with George RR Martin to THE FIRE RING, although writer involvement is known to be minimal. The foregoing after the author considered that Martin does not have enough experience in video games and much less in those of FromSoftware, something that he can boast of because he assures that he has played all the company’s titles since King’s Field.

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The writer assures that George RR Martin has no idea about video games

Brandon Sanderson’s statements took place in a broadcast on his YouTube channel where he expressed the following: “Let me be incisive! FromSoftware decides to make a fantasy game and partner with a fantasy novelist, but they choose someone who spends his days publishing things about the NFL instead of doing it with a person who has played their games since King’s Field, which considers them to be their favorite games and consistently has them in their top 10 over time. What were they thinking? If they don’t know, they went to George RR Martin and made a game with him and I’m thinking George doesn’t play video games and has no idea about them.”

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Controversial statements without a doubt that show Brandon Sanderson’s frustrated desire to be the one who would have been in charge of THE FIRE RING in the sections in which it could do so. However, the reality was different and the game will always be promoted as a work with the participation of George RR Martin.

THE FIRE RING It will debut on February 25 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. In this link you will find all the related information.

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