Sunday, October 2

Half-Life 2 updates its menus to adapt to Steam Deck

Half-Life 2, one of Valve’s quintessential flagships, update your menus to better fit the small screen and controls of the Steam Deck. As we have seen in this first glimpse shared by the user Gabe Follower on Twitter, the interface presents a somewhat more simplified, readable, and ultimately more comfortable if we play the classic first-person shooter on Valve’s new portable system, which will start reaching its buyers from February 28.

To activate this new menu Half-Life 2, all you have to do is enable the beta build and add launch command “-gamepadui”. Some users report that this menu can generate some unexpected crashes in the title, something understandable considering that it would still be in the testing phase. On the other hand, those who have been able to test it first-hand without any problems have pointed out that it is an interface with a lot of potential and that larger texts are appreciated, although it has points to polish.

Steam Deck Verified Games

Recently, a list was shared showing some of the verified titles for the Steam Deck, as well as those that are playable or that are not supported for some features such as virtual reality. In addition, we also know that the system will be compatible with those games that use the Easy Anti-Cheat system and it was confirmed that its battery would last between two and five hours depending on the demands of the title we play. Finally, it should be noted that Valve itself released Dynamic Synchronization with Cloud just two days ago, a system for manage saves between Steam Deck and conventional computers.

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