Wednesday, October 5

Windows 11 will receive its first major update in February: Android Apps, Media Player…

On October 5, Microsoft launched Windows 11, its new operating system that is gradually reaching more players, already counting on 10% usage among those who use Steam according to the latest hardware and software survey that brought us a few years ago. You give Valve.

Now those from Redmond have announced that are ready to release the first big update for the operating system with a patch that will arrive during the next month of February and that will include some of the most interesting functions that were promised when they presented Windows 11 in society.

The most prominent feature will arrive in the form of a public beta and allow us run a selection of Android apps on our computer in the wake of the closed tests that Microsoft started a few months ago and that allowed users to beta testers use certain Android apps from the Amazon Appstore. What is not clear yet is what will be the compatible applications for this beta that will surely be gradually expanded as they find and fix bugs with this technology that bets on us having a “hybrid” PC between Windows and Android.

Improvements in the Taskbar, new Media Player and Notepad…

Beyond the “Android function” that arrives in the testing phase, we will also find definitive changes such as the Taskbar improvements among which are included a button to silence the computer or the possibility of adding the clock in our secondary monitor. In addition, the new and redesigned applications of Notepad and Media Player, which will include dark modes and different technical adjustments and static tweaks to maintain a unified line with the rest of the operating system.

Finally, along with the announcement of the release of this update, Panos Panay, one of the top managers of Windows, has shared the fact that More than 1.4 billion computers use Windows 10 and Windows 11 every month.

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