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“This game sucks”, Dr Disrespect believes that not even Microsoft will be able to save CoD: Warzone | LevelUp

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In case you missed it, Microsoft announced the purchase of Activision Blizzard last week. This means that the franchise Call of Duty will be under the umbrella of Xbox once the acquisition is completed in 2023. A sector of the community was optimistic about this scenario and believes that Xbox will be able to effectively address the many problems that plague Xbox. CoD: Warzone. However, there are those who did not hesitate to express their skepticism.

Dr Disrespect arremete contra Call of Duty: Warzone

Earlier this week, Dr Disrespect broadcast on his YouTube channel some games from CoD: Warzone with complete peace of mind. However, and once he died at the hands of a rival player, he exploded in fury and lashed out forcefully against the Battle Royale.

“There’s just nothing…nothing! There are so many problems. There’s no audio. This game sucks. Your game sucks! Microsoft will not save you. It will not! Even the game engine is out of date!” assured the controversial content creator while shouting with notable anger.

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Under the effects of anger, Dr Disrespect assured that the cycle of gameplay and the central balance of Battle Royale have been broken for months and not even Microsoft will be able to remedy the situation.

The streamer from the United States went further with his comments and assured that CoD: Warzone it fails to capture the essence of the franchise and falls asleep while playing it. “This is supposed to be the blockbuster arcade game that you can jump into, start playing and have fun. I’m not having that feeling. I fall asleep while playing.”

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It’s no secret that controversial streamer Dr Disrespect is infamous for speaking out and sharing his opinion on some topics without fear of reprisal. In recent months we have seen him lash out innumerable Call of Duty: Warzone and your community. Therefore, we should not be surprised by his recent statements.

What is the future of Call of Duty?

It is worth noting that, with Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the future of the saga Call of Duty It is uncertain. This week, a report emerged indicating that the next 2 installments and the new version of CoD: Warzone they will come to PlayStation.

Likewise, another report pointed out that the franchise’s annual release model could stop in the future. It is clear that there are still many unanswered questions about the fate of this intellectual property, so we will have to wait for more official details.

But tell us, do you agree with Dr Disrespect? Let us read you in the comments.

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