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The Steam Deck finally has a release date; you can release it with ELDEN RING | LevelUp

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Since last year the community has been impatient to get the Steam Deck in their hands. This is normal, since Valve’s laptop promises to be a very interesting option to enjoy PC gaming in a new way.

While the hardware was planned to be released last year, Valve had to delay it due to supply chain and distribution issues. Fortunately, it seems that the company has already overcome some of these obstacles and has already confirmed its launch date.

Via a post on Steam, Valve confirmed that Steam Deck pre-orders will open on February 25. Thus, players who have reserved the laptop will receive an email with the invitation to place their order. Those interested will only be able to order the Steam Deck model that they originally reserved.

Users will have up to 72 hours to respond and order their console. If they don’t, the next person in line will get a chance to place an order. It is worth mentioning that Valve expects to open new orders every week.

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According to Valve, the first Steam Deck orders will ship on February 28, and the shipping time will depend on where the customer receiving the console is located. An important detail is that the reservation deposit will be applied to the final price and that the shipping costs are already included.

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“On February 25 we will send the first emails to start orders to those who have made a reservation. Customers will have 3 days (72 hours) to make the purchase from the date they receive the email to initiate the order. After this period, the reservation will be transferred to the next person in the queue. The first units will start shipping to customers from the 28th and we plan to continue sending emails to start orders every week, ”were the textual instructions from Valve.

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Just in time to premiere it with THE FIRE RING

As you can see, the Steam Deck will debut just days after the release of ELDEN RING. This means that users who receive this platform will be able to take advantage of the occasion and launch it with the new FromSoftware game. Of course, they are not obliged to do so and the fact is that the Steam Deck will be compatible with thousands of PC games.

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What do you think about this new? Have you pre-ordered the Steam Deck? Tell us in the comments.

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