Friday, November 25

The new Kao the Kangaroo is coming this summer to PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch

Tate Multimedia announced in the summer of 2020 its intention to recover the franchise Like the Kangaroo with a new and ambitious video game for PC and consoles. Today the company has expanded information confirming that they plan to launch this delivery throughout this summer and that it will reach all platforms, that is, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Its version for computers can be purchased through Steam, where you already have own page.

In addition to revealing its estimated release window, Tate Multimedia today released a new trailer gameplay from Like the Kangaroo. This is a video that collects some sections and levels of the game, letting us see its gameplay practically for the first time (we had already seen it before). a few seconds of the game in motion, but nothing as complete as this). in a video published by IGN, and that is available under these lines, you can see some moments of platforming, combat and even some cinematic sequences.

New delivery more than 20 years later

the saga Like the Kangaroo Originally released in 2000 with a video game for Dreamcast that received a second part five years later, this time with versions for PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and PC. The franchise, which in total it has sold 700,000 copies Throughout its history, it is completed with an expansion for PSP and a third installment exclusively for computers.

According to Tate Multimedia, this is the greatest adventure Like the Kangaroo till the date: “This time, the brave kangaroo has to find his missing sister and solve the mystery of what happened to his also missing father”, we can read in his official description. In this way, the players will have to accompany our protagonist on his journey through the world, where he will face “the famous masters of the fight, influenced by a mysterious and dark power.”

In addition to the gameplay sequences, today they have also shown new images of the new Kao the Kangaroo. You can see them in the gallery available at the end of this news.

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