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“Stinks!” Professional archer criticizes Link’s archery in The Legend of Zelda | LevelUp

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The bow has been a very important weapon in The Legend of Zelda over the years and in many of his installments. Whether to deal with enemies from a distance or as a tool to solve puzzles, it is an essential element for Link in his adventures, however, it seems that its success is due to luck as a professional archer ensures that the shooting style of the Hyrule’s hero is not the right one.

In case you were wondering, Link doesn’t shoot well with the bow in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

For some enthusiasts, it is very important that what they are passionate about is adequately reflected when it is part of a work. In that sense, it may be that the way Link uses the bow in the different installments of The Legend of Zelda It has never been a reason for doubt, nor has it taken away our sleep, but this is not so for an organization of professional archers who criticized the way in which the Nintendo character uses this weapon.

Through a video on official Tik Tok account of the Ridgeline Mounted Archers organization, one of their members answered a question about Link’s shooting style on The Legend of Zelda.

Link has been doing it wrong all this time

According to the young archer, Link’s archery “sucks” as he has been doing poorly in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, an immediate reference that allows us to see how the character performs the action. According to his experience, Link’s style is defined as “2 fingers inverted” which prevents a good execution and in the end the arrow is shot in the opposite direction to which it was pointed.

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Taking this into account, the member of the group of horse archers recommended those who are interested in it not to use Link’s style because they will never be able to hit a target.

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