Friday, September 30

Starcraft veterans raise 25 million to create a new RTS in Unreal Engine 5

At the end of 2020 a group of former Blizzard developers with experience in the StarCraft and Warcraft sagas announced the creation of a new studio focused on the development of real-time strategy games. Since then they have been advancing in the pre-production of their first project, achieving financing of several important companies of the stature of Riot Games, responsible for League of Legends, and Kokoa Games, publishers of PUBG: Battlegrounds in South Korea.

In its latest round of investment, Frost Giant Studios has secured 25 million dollars precisely of these two companies mentioned. With what they had already achieved so far, the amount available to the group of veterans to make their first independent project a reality amounts to 34.7 million dollars. With that money they will make an RTS in Unreal Engine 5, a video game that they have not yet presented in society, but that they assure that they will officially announce throughout this year.

Almost 35 million dollars to develop the best possible RTS

“This funding gives us just what we need to make the game we’ve envisioned a reality,” explains Tim Morten, CEO of the company, a IGN. “For us, this funding is proof that the appetite for RTS remains strong in the global gaming community, and we’re encouraged that leading companies like Kakao Games believe in what we’re building and support our journey.”

The money received helps Frost Giant Games grow and go from a team from 30 to 50 people. With that they will continue to investigate new ways to give their RTS a spectacular look, with new effects and deeper systems. They also speak of new avenues of integrate the sports in your project. Of course, the basic idea is to create a real-time strategy game that fans of the genre like, something for which they will take advantage of their experience in sagas as iconic as StarCraft Y Warcraft.

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