Friday, September 30

So you can access the new hidden WhatsApp menu

Today it is very difficult to find someone who does not know of the existence of the app WhatsApp, since this is one of the most used in the world with some 395 million worldwide downloads of which 30.5 million correspond to users from Spain.

What many do not know is that this instant messaging application hides some other secret in your last update (22.2.75 on iOS and 2.22.41 on Android).

Also, WhatsApp has presented a new secret menu available on both devices iPhone as in the Android, but what does it consist of?

In itself, it is a quick access to some of the most common features of chat. So when played for a long time The icon will show the following accesses depending on whether you have an iPhone or Android:

Features on iOS

  • Delete the app

  • share it

  • Edit home screen

  • My QR code, with which you can see the QR associated with your WhatsApp contact

  • Camera

  • new chat

  • Look for

Features on Android

  • Camera

  • The most frequent recent chats, to enter them directly without having to enter the application

  • app information

  • Delete app

  • uninstall

  • Add a widget

Other news

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Also, the latest notifications, updated for iOS 15, are compatibility with the “way focus” and the option to show the group pictures and profile pictures in WhatsApp notifications.

All of this is available with the latest version of the app, although people using the beta They have the possibility that these options are different.

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