Friday, September 30

PS5 adds a function to share the captures in PlayStation App

Sony is testing with some users in the United States a function that allows send automatically to the PlayStation App screenshots and recorded videos on PlayStation 5 with the Create button. Once the photo or video is on the mobile or tablet it can be download to share by social networks or edit its with third-party apps. The app saves images and videos for 14 days.

The middle VGC reports that the function is activated without notice for some US players. Upon entering the Multimedia content gallery console, a screen alerts the user to the newly released functionality and gives the option to activate it or not. On the social network Twitter, other players say they have activated the function from the application itself.

In Vandal we have accessed both the console gallery and the app for mobile devices to check if the function is active in Spain, but at the moment it is not appear. The option was available in beta for Canadian and Japanese players.

The players of Xbox Series y Xbox One can enjoy for years a similar functionality through the Xbox app for mobile devices. By connecting the app with the console, when taking a screenshot or a video these can be viewed from the smartphone or tablet, share them on social networks and download them.

The last big PS5 update was in September

The Latest news of weight in terms of PS5 functions I arrived in September. In addition to improvements to the PS App, the ability to expand internal storage with an M.2 SSD and the option to play 3D audio through your TV or monitor speakers. From Sony they said at the end of that month that they have many “interesting ideas” for the next updates of the firmware from the console. One of them being the rumored backwards compatibility with PSX, PS2 and PS3?

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