Saturday, October 1

Presented About an Elf, point and click adventure • Console and Dashboard

Meringue Interactive presenta About an Elf, through a video dedicated to its gameplay. It not only reveals the details of the proposal, but also specifies its launch date.


For the moment, About an Elf will stay on Nintendo Switch. will be the Feb. 10 when it is released on console, combining role, fantasy and the essence of a point and click adventure.

What is defined as a visual novel will turn us into an elf, in search of a magical and happy place that was once open to everyone. To do this, it will be necessary to delve into the idea of ​​its inaccessibility.

No one knows what is in Elftopia. Perhaps mountains of gold or gummy bears. Or, perhaps, its wealth lies in an intangible idea. Either way, we will embark on a journey to that promised land. We will run into evil monsters and disturbing life forms.

As a curiosity, the idea of ​​the game was conceived during the pandemic. It supposes a reflection on the feelings of isolation, caused by the confinement, although with a bright hope for the future. The duration is around five hours, with its four miniature worlds and its 16 mini dungeons.

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