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Poker Quest, a world of monsters and magic cards • Console and Board

Traditional card games never go out of style. That’s how it shows Poker Quest, a fantasy adventure that, as its title indicates, has its great ally in poker. It is available now on PC, through Steam, through early access. While waiting for its final version, we discover everything that this challenge offers us.


The first thing we need to know is that Poker Quest It has very positive reviews from the Steam community. Specifically, 92% of the reviews published to date are positive. It is not easy to get given the wide variety of titles that make up its catalog. Above all, considering that we are facing a version in development.

Those who already have experience with poker o el blackjack, among other games, will start with a certain advantage. The probability is more than present, as it happens in real life. If we are newbies, one betting guide can help us familiarize ourselves with the subject, with tips to win us.

Playsaurus, who is also behind Clicker Heroes, surprises with a combination between classic and modernity. It borrows the best of a traditional card game to combine it with modern graphics. The result is a fantasy world, with its magic cards, where there are hundreds of creatures to defeat.

For now, it has been in development for more than three years. This means having polished both the gameplay and the design. Following the essence of turn-based role-playing, we will be part of card battles. They will be the ones that allow you to advance through a dangerous universe.

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Unlike other games in the genre, we don’t build decks from custom cards. While it doesn’t stray too far from deck building, we use a traditional deck, complete with spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts. Are the magical properties of the 52 cards those that allow you to activate skills in full combat.

A hero for a changing environment

Before we begin, we choose a character. Our hero will travel through procedurally generated territories, ensuring that each game is different from the previous one. In total, we have more than 17 characters available, with their equipment and skills. More will be added in the future.

It doesn’t take long for strategy to enter the scene, since the player will be the one who chooses the style in which he feels most comfortable. The initial decision to take a character will be followed by obtaining useful items and how to deal with the events that appear.

Wizards, knights and dragons represent the most classic fantasy that, like poker, does not go out of style either. Challenges with modifiers, Minigames (emulating a casino) and games with global statistics complete, for now, the experience. Continuing with the decision-making, we can play with the loved ones, as well as the hated ones, permanent deaths or do without them.

Using a poker deck proves that you don’t need a lot of hassle to create a perfect experience. Sometimes it is enough to turn an idea on its head. By reinventing a concept. In this case, it has served to attract the attention of lovers of the classics.

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Advantages? Being familiar with the elements of the video game translates into learning that obeys its own logic. In a close up that will not exhaust us, focusing all the effort on what really matters: fun. As the CEO of Playsaurus points out, they are passionate about merging ideas from completely different genres. “The end result will always be special,” he adds.

Of course, it is no use borrowing a concept. It is adorned with charismatic characters and with some scenarios through which you want to walk. Natural landscapes, frozen mountains and villages give life to Poker Quest, passing through castles and crossing continents.

the video game slay the Spire has served as inspiration for the map, while the combat is similar to that of Dicey Dungeons, exchanging the dice for cards. The experience created is deep, complex and challenging, as its creators promise.

Its final version is expected to be falling. It is not for less, since the intention of its developer team is to take advantage of early access for less than a year. Knowing that it was released last summer, it shouldn’t take too long to have a complete game, that has taken advantage of the needs and requests of the community to become stronger.

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