Friday, September 30

No Place for Bravery will arrive in the summer months • Console and Dashboard

Initially scheduled for the end of 2021, it will not be released until the third quarter of 2022. No Place for Bravery It will come with the hot months. What they do maintain are their platforms: PC and Nintendo Switch.


Ysbryd Games and Glitch Factory give shape to an action RPG, which proposes us to discover how far a father would go to save his missing daughter. We will move through the land of Dewr, translated into a devastated world.

It will be full of bandits, assassins and fearsome bosses, so survival seems complicated. Mastering the combat, through cuts and blocks, will be of vital importance, with sword and shield in hand.

Our protagonist was about to leave the sword forever, after a life of misery, until he receives a clue related to the disappearance of his daughter. The additional time in its development will translate into greater attention to detail, resulting in a «timeless dark fable, halfway between heroism and obsession». It stands out for its pixelated style.

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