Thursday, September 29

Life is Strange Remastered Collection shows its graphic improvement in a gameplay video

Square Enix has shown a new video with the beginning of Life is Strange Remastered Collection, the remastered version of the first two games in the saga. In addition to 6 minutes of gameplay, we can also see a comparison of the graphics between Remastered and the original version.

“With updated character models, motion capture improvements, and more, the unforgettable stars Max and Chloe can now be enjoyed like never before on Google Stadia, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, GeForce Now, and PC Steam.” on february 1“, says Square Enix. It will also come to Nintendo Switch, although later.

The list of improvements of Life is Strange Remastered Collection is the next:

  • The game now runs at native 4K resolution, Unreal 4, and a rebuilt lighting system.
  • New and updated 4K character models with more polygons and additional bones.
  • All character models feature more emotional and expressive animations, more natural hair physics, and updates to tears, wounds, etc.
  • More detail on Max’s expressiveness and his tears, with updated special effects.
  • Facial expressions of Nathan and Chloe renewed, as well as the expressiveness of their eyes.
  • New total lip sync.
  • New and updated environment materials with reflections and textures.
  • Updated models and materials for key objects, such as the bathroom bucket.

who buy Life is Strange: True Colors Ultimate Edition they will also receive Life is Strange Remastered Collection.

A graphic comparison

Below you can see one official comparison between the original version -image above- and the remastering -below-.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection comparativa oficial y v

“Return to Arcadia Bay and experience the award-winning Life is Strange games like never before,” say the creators of this collection. “With remastered graphics and animations that give new life to the cast of characters and their moving story. Life is Strange Remastered Collection includes Life is Strange Remastered Y Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered.”

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