Tuesday, October 4

January’s New World Update Adds Mutators And More Endgame Buffs

The New World test server got Mutators earlier this month, and now the MMO’s January update makes them available to everyone. On top of that, the update brings more optimized leveling, quality of life improvements, and balance fixes.

Mutators are the biggest additions to the game. They change “the way encounters play out and the strategies players need to consider before battle” with regular and named enemies during raids. In other words, a mutated expedition will give your enemies new attacks, elemental affinities, and curses. There are 10 difficulty levels, each of which has different Mutator effects and increased loot. The less time you spend completing an Expedition, the more kills you will get and other factors will be calculated towards your total rewards at the end of the session. These will rotate each week, so if you don’t succeed in an Expedition, you can try again when they are changed.

The Threshold update system was also changed with the January update, making the whole process faster. The price of gear upgrades was between 600 and 625, but has now been increased from 590 to 625. This is combined with the new Expertise system to allow you to increase gear scores a bit faster. Developer Amazon Games says that completing Mutated Expeditions is the fastest way to earn Umbral Shards that you’ll need for these upgrades.

Crafting costs have been reduced, including various Chisels, Hearts, and Tuning Orbs. Fast travel also costs less now and new fast travel points have been added to the map. Combine this with a number of bug fixes, economy tweaks, and UI changes, and you’ve got a long list of improvements with the January update. You can check the full patch notes on the New World website if you want every little detail.

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