Friday, September 30

Final Fantasy’s father creates his own clothing line in Final Fantasy 14

Hironobu Sakaguchi, father of Final Fantasy, create your own clothing line for Final Fantasy XIV (va Rock Paper Shotgun). The creative has spent a good season investing a considerable number of hours in the title, which will receive support for the next ten years, and has taken advantage of the opportunity to create his own clothing brand named SakaGUCCI. Yes, what you read is not a bad joke that just occurred to us, but the name that Sakaguchi wanted to give his new creation. Below you can see some tweets in which the clothing designs created by the Japanese artist can be seen.

Those of you familiar with the title are probably wondering how Sakaguchi could have created his own clothing line considering that in Final Fantasy XIV Our character’s clothes cannot be customized. No, this is not some unique feature that only the creator of the Square Enix saga can benefit from, but a very well thought out strategy. Items we create and sell to other players they retain the name of the player who made them, so the clothes Sakaguchi sells carry the SakaGUCCI label.

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Sakaguchi asks users not to sell their clothes

According to the original source, the price of the garments varies depending on the difficulty of its elaboration and the cost of its materials. Taking into account that the game was once again on sale for all users As of yesterday, it is more than likely that hordes of fans will be trying to get their own SakaGUCCI outfit. Mind you, to avoid speculation, Sakaguchi has asked the players to don’t sell your clothes on the in-game market to prevent your precious garments from becoming an expensive collector’s item within the reach of very few users.

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