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Final Fantasy 14 director wants to support the game for the next 10 years

Final Fantasy XIV still has a long journey ahead of him. Naoki Yoshida, the current producer and director of the title who is popularly known as the savior of this Square Enix MMORPG, commented during the live broadcast of the mahjong tournament in Final Fantasy XIV who intends to continue to offer support to the title for the next ten yearsAs long as you are in good health. Recently, the title became available for purchase again after the server errors that occurred in recent weeks due to the premiere of Endwalker. The following Reddit thread compiles Yoshida’s statements:

Broadly speaking, the director of Final Fantasy XIV revealed that at the end of February he would offer more information about the Roadmap What do you have planned after the launch of Endwalker, the last great expansion of history, as well as the different directions that the title will take in the future. In this sense, we can expect more information about upcoming updates, both patches and content expansions. Additionally, a preview of the patch 6.1 will arrive in early March and new details will be revealed about the changes that will be introduced to the game.

New secondary stories will arrive in the future

As we have highlighted at the beginning, the creative stressed that he is in good health and that is why he sees himself with the strength to continue at the helm of Final Fantasy XIV during the next decade. In fact, I mentioned that currently you have a very tight schedule and you are very busy with all the preparations for the future of the MMORPG. At the moment, Yoshida could only confirm that there are plans to expand Endwalker and the other expansions through a series of side stories, although it does not expand too much. About Endwalker, also revealed that soon we will have the pleasure of seeing several interviews to explain his interpretation of history.

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