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ELDEN RING will be difficult, but he doesn’t want to stress players unnecessarily | LevelUp

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It’s no secret that FromSoftware’s video games are characterized by their merciless difficulty. THE FIRE RING, Of course, it will be an experience that will respect that legacy, but those responsible announced that they approached the design with another philosophy to make the journey of the players through the Lands Between more pleasant.

During a recent presentation at the Taipei Game Show, FromSoftware producer Yasuhiro Kitao explained how certain elements were designed to reduce unnecessary stress on the player. We must remember that ELDEN RING, unlike other titles of the studio, is open world. Therefore, the developers were very careful to make the experience difficult in the right instances.

ELDEN RING seeks to be challenging, but not stressful

With this in mind, fans of souls-like games can rest easy. Judging by the producer’s statements, everything seems to indicate that the enemies and final bosses of THE FIRE RING they will be as difficult and brutal as those seen in the studio’s previous titles.

Yasuhiro Kitao also discussed the philosophy with which they approached open world exploration and design. He explains that they introduced the horse and fast travel in order to combat stress and offer players freedom, which will ultimately allow players to return to difficult areas more easily.

The producer also acknowledged that it was quite a challenge to place the enemies in the vast world of THE FIRE RING, as they feared the map would feel too empty or too full of threats.

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“The challenge was to position enemies in a way that kept players interested, but provided them with a low stress rate. This also applies to item distribution as well as in-game events.”

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The FromSoftware member also commented that time of day or weather effects won’t have much of an impact on enemy locations, though he did acknowledge that there will be some enemies that only appear at night.

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“Switching enemies at certain times of the day would create a kind of pressure on users to play at different times. We felt this was stress our users could do without,” he said.

Finally, the respawn system also underwent some changes due to the open world nature. In THE FIRE RING, there will be difficult areas that are characterized by many enemies or other very powerful threats, so the developers anticipate that many players will die and need to return there to recover their experience points. With that in mind, Yasuhiro Kitao says that players will be able to select the option to spawn very close to their death spot during those especially tricky sections.

“This type of move is another example of the team’s efforts to implement systems to mitigate player stress caused by the sheer scale of the game’s map.”

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But tell us, what do you think of these design decisions? Do you think FromSoftware’s title will live up to expectations? Let us read you in the comments.

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THE FIRE RING It will debut on February 25 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. In this link you will find all the related information.


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