Tuesday, October 4

Dying Light 2 will release its first story DLC in June and reveals its roadmap

Dying Light 2, the upcoming open world action role-playing title from Techland, will receive its first story DLC in June and reveals its roadmap once the game goes on sale for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC on February 4 (the cloud version for Nintendo Switch was recently delayed to improve its availability). quality). The development studio promised that Dying Light 2 would receive new content over the next five years, including various additional stories to complement the main campaign, as well as different events and challenges.

“It all starts with launch, but it’s only the beginning! We plan to keep improving the game with DLC, challenges, stories, events, and more for at least 5 years., and that’s a minimum! I’m sure you won’t get bored!”, Shares the Twitter account of Dying Light. As reported from Wccftech, between the launch and the first story DLC to arrive in the summer we will receive various content such as special packs or infected events. On the other hand, once the first major expansion of the story has been released, Techland promises that at least two more DLCs will arrive, as well as new weapons and enemies so that we never get bored of the game.

Hundreds of hours of content

Dying Light 2 It is a title of great importance, and it is that having More than 500 hours of content -20 hours for the main story, 80 for the main story with secondary missions and 500 to see everything it can offer- and a script composed of more than 350,000 words, so we deduce that the story bet more than ever for the freedom of choice and alternative endings. Of course, remember that the title will not have cross-play at launch, although it will free update on next-gen.

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