Friday, September 30

Ansu Fati: post-operative trauma

Ansu Fati He has decided not to go under the knife. A decision that has already earned him some sticks. All unjustified. You have to stop for a moment to see your medical history and the memory that left you the last time you had surgery. His was for three or four months and he spent almost a year without playing. In that space of time he was intervened three times. “Ansu was traumatized

because of what happened to him” they say from those around him. A compelling reason to now say no and seek conservative treatment.

No one should understand that this decision is a measure against the club’s medical services because they did not operate on him. The intervention was carried out by Dr. Cugat and the club’s medical officers are now others. It will be OK

respect Ansu in his decision

and not as was done with Umtiti who decided not to undergo surgery, as the club had recommended, as in the current case of Ansu, and from there began a crusade against the player that still continues. Ansu was put into a meeting with

12 people to study your case

and make a decision in which everyone was giving their opinion on their situation. And Ansu is listening to everyone. Too much for a 19-year-old kid. Respect!

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