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An interesting war video game will debut on Xbox Game Pass on day 1 | LevelUp

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In recent years we have entered a new stage in the video game industry, characterized by the rise of services and one of the most important is Xbox Game Pass. So much so that its success has led it to be considered as a launch platform and the benefits in terms of dissemination and sales promotion are attractive to developers and publishers. Well, this will be the case of the new installment of a war franchise focused on snipers.

Sniper Elite 5 will arrive on day 1 to Xbox Game Pass

Rebellion Developments presented the new trailer for Sniper Elite 5, next installment of its war franchise whose proposal focuses on the style of snipers, so skill, stealth and execution at the right time are key pieces to get ahead. Initially, it is confirmed that Sniper Elite 5 It will take us to World War II in the boots of Lieutenant Karl Fairburne to end the forces of the Third Reich and reduce the leadership of the Nazis in France. Being the hallmark of the IP, the action will take place from the perspective of the sniper and as it is a game that will also be available on the new generation of consoles, the expectation is that it will take the proposal to the next level.

According to Rebellion, Sniper Elite 5 will debut this year on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC, however, the best news came later when confirming that it will be a day 1 title on Xbox Game Pass, so it will appeal to the popularity of the service to boost your launch. That said, it is a fact that as soon as Sniper Elite 5 is available, all you have to do is go to the Game Pass section, being a subscriber, on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S to download it.

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