Friday, September 30

Zelda Breath of the Wild player manages to get the impossible electric arrow

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild It continues to surprise us with its infinite possibilities. As you well know, the latest main title of the veteran Nintendo franchise offers us a huge world full of tools and mechanics so we can experiment with all kinds of crazy things that would be unthinkable in other video games. Despite the incalculable number of options offered by the title when it comes to trying different things, we will always find users who want to go beyond the rules and limits established within the video game itself. As reported from Kotaku, a player has managed to reach a a priori inaccessible area of ​​the title in which we can see an arrow.

As a general rule, video games have inaccessible areas outside the limits of the game where you can find all kinds of random objects that their developers did not eliminate for their final version; many of you will be familiar with the typical glitches that allow access an area outside the map and see from discarded content, to objects that we can use. Well, in the case that concerns us today Breath of the Wild, a well-known bug hunter and speedrunner named Luke Steelman has managed to reach an inaccessible area that was discovered in April 2021 and that houses an electric arrow. The place in question is located near the Gerudo City Daqo Chisay Shrine and there are not a few players who have tried to reach -unsuccessfully- since it was discovered.

A very precise sequence of glitches

The most common method used by most players was an infinite jump which provides a miss when Link is riding a horse. However, Steelman investigated other options as he felt that the direction and speed of this method were somewhat inconsistent. The player tried to reach the arrow – located about 2000 meters above the ground – using a method that allows Link to climb on top of a flying guardian, although it was also not entirely effective since he could not get the necessary height to access it. to the area of ​​the arrow. As usually happens in most cases, it seems that the solution was simpler than it was believed: it was only necessary to combine a series of simple steps to fly.

Once Steelman managed to suspend Link in the air and use a technique that basically consists of constant bending down to climb, exploded for approximately hundreds of bomb arrows to reach the arrow more easily. The most surprising thing is that, against all odds, managed to pass the exact point where the arrow was, so he had to carefully descend to get it. Finally, the player managed to get hold of the arrow, becoming the only user who has managed to reach the site so far. If you venture to achieve this feat, you can use the attached video as a reference.

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