Tuesday, October 4

Vandal ends the year 2021 as the leader of the video game press in Spain

Vandal was the most visited video game website in Spain in December 2021 according to data from Comscore (Comscore MMX Multi-platform data, Total Audience, December 2021, Spain) unveiled yesterday, January 23, completing an end of the year that has further consolidated us as the benchmark for information on video games in Spanish from around the world. Vandal has been the video game website with the largest number of users in Spain in August, September, November and December, four of the last five months of the year.

In the month of August 2021 Vandal broke the historical record of the Spanish video game press, reaching 2,836,000 unique users and surpassing its own records from April 2021, when it had 2,720,000 users. In addition to leading the data for unique users in December 2021, Vandal has also been the leader in sessions, page views and total minutes, that is, it is the most read each day. In these last three metrics Vandal has been the undisputed leader of the Spanish market every month since 2018.

The key to teamwork

This achievement is achieved thanks to a large team of people who make up this project: technical, editorial and commercial management staff, editors and collaborators. Also to our colleagues at the newspaper El Espaol, who constantly support us. For all of them, we also want to take advantage of this news to make visible the work and effort of our great little Vandal family and so you can get to know us a little better.

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Vandal’s current affairs team is coordinated by the chief editor Jorge Cano and is made up of Alberto Gonzlez, Carlos Leiva, Fran G. Matas, Gerard Mart, Manu Delgado, Ramn Varela, Sal Gonzlez and Xavi Mogrovejo, and until a few days ago by Cristina M. Prez, also the architect of these successes. In parallel, the guides and tricks team works with Csar Rebolledo and Daniel Gonzlez, coordinated by Daniel Verdasco, head of SEO at Vandal. In addition, we have regular collaborations (for many years) with Juan Rubio, Sara Borondo, Edgar S. Fuentes, Rubn Mercado and Diego Gonzlez, with Jose de la Fuente as director and presenter of the Vandal Radio podcast and with the videos of Ivn Hernández, “The Magic of Basketball”. Vandal has been directed since August 1997 by its founder, Pablo Grando.

Thanks to our readers for 25 years of loyalty and feedback

Founded in 1997, Vandal turned 24 years old on August 30 and this year the 25 years of Vandal will be celebrated, five decades, being a benchmark for video game information in Spanish for several generations and several million inhabitants both in Spain and throughout Latin America, from Tierra del Fuego to the United States.

None of this would have been possible without the millions of readers who have faithfully followed Vandal during this quarter of a century, reading our content and responding with congratulations, suggestions or criticism, which has encouraged us to progress as professionals and the web to evolve and improve the user experience, its content and functions. Thanks to these two f’s, fidelity and feedback, Vandal has gotten to where it is, and that’s why We celebrate with our readers this success that has made us end 2021 in the strongest leadership position in our history.


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