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The harsh story of a nurse who has hung up her gown due to the pandemic: “I was not capable of seeing so many people die”




Lhe medical unions assure that one in four health workers in our country are considering leaving their work because they feel overwhelmed by the situation they have been facing for almost two years with the pandemic of the coronavirus. Covid-19. ‘The intermediate’, the program that presents El Gran Wyoming Monday to Thursday from 9:30 p.m. The sixth, has verified that this data is not just a statistic with an interview of Andrea Robero a Elena Marquez, a nurse who worked in the Hospital de Can Ruti from Badalona and that after the third wave he decided to leave his job.

Why have you decided to hang up your nurse’s gown?

“After three waves of the pandemic, there came a time when I couldn’t take it anymore. In fact, I remember the moment when I said up to here. I was in the operating room, because I was an operating room nurse, and the supervisor came to inform us that they close operating rooms again, we return to the ICUs and then it was a bit like starting over again like in March 2020 “.

What did you expect to find in the ICU?

“It was when people were beginning to talk that the average age of those infected had dropped a lot and they were beginning to see cases of people who were around 30 years old, who, being my age, saw it as closer. And after having seen so many people will die I didn’t see myself capable of going through that situation again”.

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What has been the hardest thing about these two years of pandemic?

“Let’s see, being an operating room nurse, who is very different from other nurses, many things happen in an operating room but I had not seen a person die. And being in the ICU, it was going one day, going another day and the patients to see how they improved or worsened. The hardest thing was undoubtedly having to accompany people in the last hours of their lives. Telling the companions when a patient had a few minutes left to go hold his hand and do that. Also, I couldn’t be there when my grandmother died a short time before and I felt that I was compensating a little for not having been with my grandmother holding the hand of each other person’s grandfather who couldn’t be there. “.

Has all this left you with sequels?

“Yes. In fact, I had to talk about it with the psychiatrist because I began to have a little visual hallucinations. From wearing the diving goggles that fogged up a little like horses, I began to have hallucinations when I wasn’t wearing them and what happened to me from the sides it seemed like it was attacking me, and suddenly I would get scared or duck. I also had nightmares and relived many moments over and over again.”

Did psychological help help you?

“I had already asked my GP for help because I hadn’t been feeling very well for a long time because of what we thought was post-traumatic stress. And when I got to the psychiatrist’s office and I collapsed, he told me that the only way to get better was to stop it. I am currently in therapy and am being followed up by my family doctor, my psychologist and my psychiatrist”.

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is it helping you?

“Yes, the truth is that what helped me the most, as they had already been telling me, was getting away from the focus of my stress, but going to therapy helps me. They have made it possible for me to be here now talking about this.”

Do you know more cases like yours?

“Precisely my own GP, ​​the first few times I went to talk to him, we did a little group therapy because he also felt. The thing is that many people can not leave it, because our work is so vocational that we do not we see ourselves doing something else, we can’t quit and start from scratch. And especially people who have been in the profession for many years, wouldn’t know what to do”.

where are you now?

“I decided to change completely and went from a very large public hospital to work for a private company. Now I manage transfers from one hospital to another when they have a lack of beds or some resource that they lack and we find another hospital where they can be treated. My job She still has the title of nurse but she is no longer a care nurse, I no longer see patients. Now I dedicate myself to making transfers”.

Ests contenta?

“Very happy because I still feel that I help people but in a different way.”

How has your life improved?

“Well, the nightmares are over, coming home crying and, above all, waking up wanting to go to work again.”

What would have to have changed for you to have stayed at the Can Ruti Hospital?

“Undoubtedly, we would have had more resources. Since they had trained us a little, to having more staff, more beds and more ventilators to be able to treat our patients as they deserved because it might have been very different.”

Are you considering returning to your previous job?

“I still have the hope that at some point I can be a care nurse again and go back to the operating room with my patients.”

How do you imagine that day?

“Like when I started the first time. I’ll start over again, start from scratch with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning”.

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