Wednesday, September 28

The director of Prey, the new Predator movie, has been inspired by God of War

Predator is one of the horror, or fantasy, franchises that never ends. After the new delivery of 2018 at the hands of Shane Black (one of the actors who participated in the Predator original in 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the main character and John McTiernan in the address) it was recently confirmed that Prey be the next piece in the history of these curious monsters that entertain themselves by hunting all kinds of beasts. The information about Prey it is being given in drops, but possibly now the most relevant data has been given. Dan Trachtenberg, the person in charge of this new installment, has confirmed on Twitter that the God of War of 2018 at the hands of Cory Barlog It has been a source of inspiration for the work.

A Predator linked to video games

“While the God of War by Cory Barlog is getting new recognition for its PC release, I would point out that: it has had an influence on Prey.

The person in charge of 10 Cloverfield Lane does not elaborate on the influence of God of War about the film, so we don’t know if it was based on the relationship between Kratos and Atreus, its history or even if the Norse mythology will take some kind of part in the plot in some way. Although everything indicates that the shots will go more for that father and son relationship and their fight for survival.

Prey currently has a lot of mystery surrounding it, even though we know it will be released on Hulu, Disney + in Spain and that it will be set 300 years ago. God of War on PC it has been a real success (you can read our full review here) and has taken the graphics seen on PS4, and later on PS5, to another level. As long as we have a machine to move that beast.

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