Sunday, September 25

Rodrigo Corrales confirms it: the ‘Hispanos’ have the best pair of goalkeepers in the world




Until the last minute of the game, Rodrigo Corrales had ‘only’ made six saves on 26 shots for Poland. But lhe best goalkeepers in the world appear at decisive moments. This axiom was confirmed by the Galician goalkeeper, who he stopped the last two balls to certify the Spanish victory and therefore, the pass to the semifinals of Europe, the sixth consecutive for the ‘Hispanics’, against an extra motivated Polish team.

The native of Cangas left the game in the meeting against poland. However, it was not in tune with the good defense of the Spanish team. You It was difficult to deflect the balls from the ‘gunners’ or from the effective Polish wingers. And those who touched, some of them entered the goal. Therefore, in the first bars of the second half, Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas jumped onto the track.

It was not being the day of the Spanish goal. And it is that they have us very badly accustomed two of the best goalkeepers in the world. The Toledo goal sat on the bench again by failing to stop any of Poland’s seven shots in the seven minutes he was in the 40×20. For this reason, Corrales returned to be placed under the three sticks. And it is that the goal is one of the few facets where the coach Jordi Ribera does not usually interfere given the great understanding between the two.

Although data gains more prominence every day, the sport is still, partly, sensations. With a Poland that did not lower its arms, despite nothing being played, the game entered the last minute with everything to be decided. Another offensive mistake of the Spanish team lack of 50 seconds to go did not sentence the crash and gave wings to Polish team, going on the counterattack in search of a draw.

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Then Corrales appeared, first stopping a point-blank shot from Moryto with his left arm with 41” to go. One reject that caught poland to try again for a draw with a pass to Czuwara. Another winger who also threw unopposed, but a superb Rodrigo was found again, guessing again the trajectory of the ball to deflect with his feet a ball that ended up, finally, in the hands of Cañellas with 34 seconds left to go.

For the umpteenth time it remained revealing the privileged goal that the ‘Hispanics’ treasure, for many, with the best goalkeeping pair of handball. Perhaps it is not being his best championship, with more minutes for Pérez de Vargas than for Corrales. But the confidence that both give off to the rest of the team and to the fans, few national teams can boast of it, sharing the leading role in each game in each championship.

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