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OllieGamerZ won $100,000 USD by defeating ElXocas at Squidcraft Games | LevelUp

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Last week we told you about Squidcraft Games, an event that put 150 Spanish-speaking content creators to compete in a tournament of Minecraft inspired by the popular South Korean series The Squid Game. After 6 intense days of controversies, laughter and memorable moments, this unprecedented competition came to an end and closed with a flourish.

As in the Netflix series, the 150 streamers competed in various children’s games. Those who managed to survive the challenges passed the round, while those who were not so lucky had to say goodbye to the contest and give up the dream of $100,000 USD.

This is how the grand finale of Squidcraft Games was lived

This is how we reached the last day, which was held on the afternoon of this Monday, January 24, and where 24 finalists tried to survive the last challenges. This is how ElXocas, OllieGamerZ, Luzugames and RaptorGamer managed to sneak into the last instances of the competition.

After Luzugames and RaptorGamer said goodbye to the competition, ElXocas and OllieGamerZ were the lucky ones who reached the grand finale and had to face each other in a duel to the death like the one seen in The Squid Game.

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After a very short round, OllieGamerZ managed to defeat his opponent and was crowned champion of the first edition of this historic event. In this way, he was able to take home a spectacular prize of $100,000 USD.

Given the presence of high-profile streamers, Squidcraft Games was quite a ratings success. During the final moments of competition, Minecraft tore it up on Twitch with over 2 million concurrent viewers. At the same time, ElXocas broke a personal record on his Twitch channel by surpassing half a million viewers.

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Of course, not everything was honey on flakes. We must remember that, during the first days of the competition, the participants residing in Andorra had to leave the competition due to multiple DDoS attacks against the internet provider of that nation.

But tell us, how did you experience this historic tournament of Minecraft? What do you think of these types of initiatives? Let us read you in the comments.

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