Tuesday, October 4

Monchi takes advantage of the new role of Sevilla

En all the Little gold from Seville, since he raised his first Europa League or UEFA Cup in 2006, the eyes have always gone to the monchi figure and that ease of the Nervin club of “do more with less”, as he regularly repeats Jose Castro, your president. A Sports Department that has discovered talents all over the world in order to subsequently take advantage of them important surplus value generated by his excellent sporting performance and in this way reinvest the profits in raising the salary limit, step by step, with which to access better players, even those who seem inaccessible for a club with 200 million budget.

Despite the fact that in Spain, despite what was achieved by the Sevilla in recent years, it is considered the first team of the second row, in the European concert and within the general opinion of top level players, it is a club in constant growth and that can aspire to each title that it disputes. For this reason, and without losing the essence that has brought Sevilla to these levels of prominence, Monchi tries to assert the power of the Seville brand in certain additions. Always dive for those Diego Carlos, Kound or En-Nesyri that they can give it a gigantic surplus value, but it no longer stays there. You can’t stay if you want to aim for the top. There are examples from the past like Jovetic o Nasri, although now he has been able to gather more stars. Many more.

For this reason, he has been able to agree to the transfer of Anthony Martial until the summer. The French striker had been tested by Barcelona and Juventus, but his decision to go to the Nervionense team was firm and immovable. Today he is expected in the Andalusian capital. And it is not the only case in recent years. Last winter, with great offers from Italian football, Papu Gmez He decided that he wanted to take the step towards Sevilla. I didn’t think twice. And two winter markets ago, Monchi was finally able to get the signing of the milanista Suso, whom he had been following since he was a kid. Other cases not so far away are the signing of Thomas Delaney of Borussia Dortmund and after squeezing the unspeakable dans, Erik Lamela del Tottenham or the Tecatito Crown of Porto a few days ago without forgetting about Rakitic, although the Croat’s fondness for Seville was known to all.

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Transfers from powerful clubs or players from a superlative level who decide that their career should be directed towards the Snchez-Pizjun, for a team that has earned a reputation for being able to compete against any rival and in all the competitions they play. The Seville has made a tremendous effort in this market winter for giving the template a twist and adding quality to the top. has changed to Scar and Idrissi by Martial and Tecatito Corona. The only thing left for him in this market is to try to keep Diego Carlos from leaving until summer. A season finale that wins in emotion and hope for the Nervionian parish. Monchi takes advantage of the new role of Sevilla. Few players are already beyond his reach.


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