Tuesday, October 4

Mataró promotes an open telecommunications network with “the same conditions for all citizens”

  • The City Council and the TecnoCampus have signed an agreement with the Fundació Guifi.net to promote the project ‘Mataró without threads’

The Municipality of Mataro (Maresme) and the TecnoCampus have signed an agreement with the Guifi.net Foundation to promote the ‘Mataró without wires’ project, which will involve the construction of an “open, free and neutral telecommunications network that all citizens can access under the same conditions.” From the consistory they assert that the joint objective is “fight the digital divide”.

According to the agreement, the City Council carries out a economic contribution of 15,000 euros per year to acquire equipment that “facilitates and improves the extension of connectivity”. It will also provide spaces in some municipal facilities that will make it possible to extend new access points to the ‘Mataró Inalámbrica’ citizen network. These equipments are: Rocafonda Civic Center, the Cerdanyola Civic Center and the building of three rocks.

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For his part, the Technology Park of the TecnoCampus has provided Fundació Guifi.net with a space with “advantageous economic conditions” to develop the ‘Mataró Inalámbrico’ project and at the same time its integration into the TecnoCampus community to “be able to enjoy the social and business relationships that are generated, as well as the relationships with university centers and research groups”, they point out from the Town hall.

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