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League of Legends: Riot removes the Technochemical Dragon after multiple complaints

Recently Riot Games has published a official statement that many users of the community of League of Legends They had been wanting it for several weeks now. Finally, by popular demand, the people in charge of the MOBA have been forced to withdraw the Chem-Tech Dragon Summoner’s Rift, both in the games played in Spain and in the rest of the world. This does not mean that we will never see her again, since This is not a final goodbye, but the company keep working on it to try to find a solution to their problems.

The Technochemical Dragon is temporarily leaving League of Legends

The Technoqumic dragon It was one of the main mechanical novelties added by Riot Games during preseason 12, a few months ago. This female dragon was introduced along with a new soul system on the Rift and other new features (such as another elemental dragon). Riot’s intention was expand tools that the players could use in a game, with greater possibilities and strategies for everyone. However, since the start of the current Season 12 things were not going well with this dragon.

Quickly the criticism around the Technochemical Dragon began to pile up on social networks, mainly mentioning how unbalanced his mechanics were and how unfair it was. In addition, this seemed to be affecting both casual and professional games in eSports. Fortunately for many, Riot has not been slow to attend all these complaints. This is how they communicated it yesterday, January 24, on their official LoL website: “Starting today, we’re going to disable Soul, Rift, and Techno-Chem Dragon.”.

“Starting today, we are disabling Soul, Rift, and Techno-Chem Dragon. We will continue to perform design tests to resolve this issue.”

“Over the past few months, you have told us through social media and various surveys that still too frustrating play in the Technochemical Rift, especially for the team that is behind”, have lamented from the company.

Riot has, of course, emphasized that this it does not mean than the techno-chemical Dragon will disappear forever: “Even if we disable the Technochemical Dragon and its corresponding systems, We will continue to carry out design tests to solve this problem throughout the next versions, trying to maintain the goal that we intend to achieve”, they explain, and finally conclude: “We will focus mainly on the ground. let’s take a long time in optimizing this system, so the Chem-Tech Dragon might not come back for a while”.

For now exactly unknown what kind of improvements or changes will they make to the technochemical dragon. It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing it again anytime soon, but it’s good news that they’re going to focus on trying to improve it to make Summoner’s Cry as fair as possible for everyone.

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