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I didn’t hear the bell! Epic revives the lawsuit with Apple | LevelUp

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The legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple was one of the most important in recent years in the technology sector, as the company’s offensive led by Tim Sweeney sought that Tim Cook’s company, its policies and its platforms be considered a monopoly and in detriment of developers. However, the ruling was Solomonic in nature, changes were made to the App Store policies but Epic would have to pay millions for the scandal of Fortnite. Just when you thought it was all over, someone said that they hadn’t heard the bell and the battle is about to restart.

Epic wants to take Apple to court again

According to information from Bloomberg, Epic Games started 2022 with a lot of motivation and proof of this is that it has returned to the ring to fight a new battle against Apple, this time to appeal the ruling of judge Yvonne González Rogers arguing that there are elements to consider that the Cupertino company and its practices are in violation of antitrust laws. The foregoing after Epic appeared before the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit of California to express its disagreement.

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Epic Games considers that there are elements to accuse Apple of monopoly

In this regard, the presentation of Epic Games considers that there are mistakes in considering that Apple does not violate antitrust laws, pointing out that the company illegally maintains a monopoly by appealing to the size of its distribution platform, App Store, and its economic power, harming to developers.

That said, Epic Games asked the California Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to return the case to Judge Yvonne González Rogers to analyze the situation from another perspective: “if not reversed, this decision would alter the established principles of the law antitrust law and, as the district court itself acknowledged, would undermine sound antitrust policy.

Thus, it seems that the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple will continue for a while longer, although the expectation is that with this appeal the company responsible for Fortnite reduce the amount you have to pay Apple and nothing else.

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