Saturday, October 1

Halo Infinite Will Finally Let You Earn “Credits” Starting in Season 2

Although Halo Infinite has been a huge success, it has also suffered from its fair share of problems. Whether it’s the current state of Big Team Battle or the often overpriced items in the shop, players have rightly complained about both. Thankfully, it looks like some major changes are coming to the store, at least.

Earlier this week, Jerry Hook, head of design at 343 Industries, told players that the store would get reduced prices across the board, the ability to purchase items outside of its bundles, and that the team would focus on adding more value to offers. inside the store. However, thanks to a recent post on Halo landmark, now we have even more important news: “Credits will be able to be obtained in the season 2 battle pass”.

This fundamental change will finally allow players to earn “Credits” just for playing. Now, on its own, this would be great news, but when coupled with the information that you’ll now be able to purchase items separately from your packs, it becomes a huge win for player choice. Unsurprisingly, this change has been very well received by commenters on the Halo Waypoint post, with some players calling it “the best news of all.”

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