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God of War is updated on PC and ends with a bug that affected its performance | LevelUp

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God of War it had an excellent reception on PC thanks to the great work that PlayStation did to bring it to this platform. However, the title was not spared some problems that have affected the experience of some Kratos fans.

So the company got to work to release an update and put an end to some annoying problems that Steam users reported in recent days. This is good news, since the errors affected the performance that the title could have on computers.

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What does the new update do? God of War for pc?

The title has been updated on Steam to version 1.0.3, which includes a few but very useful tweaks that fans will certainly appreciate. The update focuses on resolving a memory leak issue when running the game.

This caused that God of War closed unexpectedly or performed less than expected. Therefore, it is best to download the patch and verify that your game runs in its most recent version.

“Fixed an issue that caused memory allocation leaks, which could lead to decreased performance or a crash of the game client,” the company said in the update notes.

To download it, you only have to start or restart Steam so that the process starts automatically. It is important to verify in the properties of the game that automatic updates are activated.

“Thank you to everyone who reported the memory leak issue and helped us tremendously by sharing your setup information, we appreciate you taking the extra step,” PlayStation said.

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You can play God of War on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. Look for more news about the franchise and its next installment at this link.

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