Friday, September 30

Get 3 months of EA Play for the price of one

A little news for you: EA offers a good offer for three months of ae game.

From now until February 8, new members can get three months of EA Play for the price of one. This means three months worth of service will cost you $4.99. After your initial 90-day period ends, your membership will renew at the then-current monthly renewal price. Unless you cancel of course.

Just remember that when your subscription or any trial ends, you will no longer have access to membership benefits, including Play List titles, game updates, or in-game purchases made on a Play List title, unless you have separate access to that Play. Title of the list for the applicable platform.

The offer is available for EA Play PC, Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5.

The service offers limited-time trials on press releases, temporary free access to select Play List titles, in-game rewards, and members get a 10% discount on select titles. There are also many games available to try through the Playlist, which is updated frequently.

Right now, for example, with a membership, you can play games like It Takes Two, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Knockout City, FIFA 21, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and more.

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass subscriber, EA Play is already included as part of your membership.

Again, just a heads up for those who have been contemplating getting a subscription.

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