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Gears of War or Fable could receive a remastering like Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Microsoft has occupied many headlines in recent days due to the purchase of Activision Blizzard, although this unexpected news does not mean that Xbox will not continue betting on some of its licenses. Remastering has been the order of the day for a few generations and, after the success of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Xbox would be thinking of bringing back another of its great sagas with a renewed technical section. according to Gaming Bolt, a known insider ensures that an Xbox franchise is getting treatment similar to the Master Chief Collection; it is speculated that it could be Gears of War The Fable. You can see his statements in the following podcast (time 1:32:50).

Nick Baker, co-founder of XboxEra, says that there is a second very famous Xbox saga that is “getting treatment like Halo: The Master Chief CollectionAlthough Baker didn’t go into detail about which franchise it is, he did point out that it’s very likely that the remastered collection arrive sometime in 2023. Let’s remember that The Master Chief Collection includes all Halo that were launched from Halo: Combat Evolved until Halo 4 with a totally renewed technical section and with the particularity of being able to change with a simple button the original technical section with the updated one, a feature that could come in this new collection.

Gears of War and Fable are the perfect candidates

Without a doubt, the two most likely sagas are Gears of War Y Fable. Not only because of its popularity, but because of the future deliveries that will arrive for both Xbox Series X / S and PC. It is rumored that Gears of War 6 would be a long time coming because The Coalition would be currently developing a new saga, so a remastered collection of Gears of War It will not be unreasonable to liven up the wait for the future sixth installment. On the other hand, Playground Games has been working on the game for more than four years. reboot from Fable, so it would not be surprising if Xbox wanted to launch a collection with the previous installments to make the wait more bearable.

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