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Forza Motorsport 8: everything we know so far

Once upon a time, you could expect a new Forza Motorsport like clockwork, every two years. But Turn 10’s sim racer has been on something of a hiatus since the release of Forza Motorsport 7 in 2017. At Microsoft’s Xbox Series X game reveal event on July 23, 2020, we finally got a glimpse of Forza. motor sport 8.

Or so we thought. The next entry in the franchise loses the number: it’s now just Forza Motorsport. And by losing the issue, we’re hoping for a reboot and a fresh start for the long-running series, which has been the victim of diminishing returns and only minor iterative improvements over the years, partly as a consequence of that. cadence of other years.

So far, we only have a one minute preview to continue with the new Forza Motorsport. However, we’ve pulled it apart and scrutinized it to collect everything we know about Microsoft’s upcoming racing sim.

Forza Motorsport Trailer 8

You can watch the debut trailer for Forza Motorsport right here:

Gameplay and features of Forza Motorsport 8

Will this be your home garage in the next Forza Motorsport? (Image credit: Microsoft)

Based on what we saw in the initial trailer, it looks like the new Forza Motorsport will be the first game in the franchise to really focus on, well, motorsports. in a video Released shortly after the conclusion of Microsoft’s July 23 event, Esaki calls the new Forza Motorsport “a reinvention of the franchise.”

The clip is packed with scenes of half-separated race cars in garages, crew members and drivers racing, walls of screens monitoring track activity, and oddly enough, lots of fake sponsors and logos.

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That last bit may seem inconsequential, but it could be a hint of what Turn 10 is looking to introduce in their next project. Racing fans will note that new for this year, F1 2020 has added an experience called My Team, which works in part like the previous season’s campaign, but also introduces some new team management mechanics to deepen the activity outside track.

Evoking what we saw in the Forza trailer, F1 2020 consists of many fake sponsors, which you sign to earn some money for your team, though of course you have to meet their targets to get paid. There’s also an extensive set of branding in Codemasters’ latest F1 title, and of course branding could also play a role in Forza’s next act, given the fictional club’s green and black motif shown in the trailer.

Apollo GT cars spill over the iconic corkscrew at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. (Image credit: Microsoft)

It’s a scope, of course, and Turn 10 hasn’t shed any light on any of this, but we wonder if the Forza Motorsport reboot will expand team management to complement on-track play. Imagine being in command of your own racing team where you are in control of the operation from top to bottom. It would certainly explain the seismic shift in approach that Esaki was bringing about late last year.

But what about the simulation itself? Well, Esaki also touched briefly on improvements to Turn 10’s Forzatech physics engine all those months ago, rattling off a list of areas where the dev team has set out to improve the car’s handling and behavior for the upcoming game. . There will be a redesigned tire model and tire pressure model, and heat and atmospheric pressure will now have an effect on both the way the rubber meets the road and the power of the engine. The track surface will now “bump” as cars repeatedly hit the tarmac every lap, dynamically altering grip levels, corner by corner, over the course of a race. The suspension model has also been modified.

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Taking all of that into account, the upcoming Forza Motorsport sounds like a reboot in the most serious sense, both on and off the track. The studio says we can expect more details on what to expect from the new title as 2020 progresses.

Forza Motorsport 8 Performance

The engine of a Mazda IMSA prototype looks fantastic in the trailer. (Image credit: Microsoft)

We still don’t know much about what Forza Motorsport will look like in action. The trailer was created in-engine, according to Turn 10, and the game will run at native 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on Xbox Series X. Ray tracing also appears to be visible in many scenes in the trailer, especially when the reflection of a surrounding garage is visible on the visor of a helmet.

At this stage, however, that’s really all we know. There are certainly some impressive images shown in the trailer, like the meticulously detailed engine compartment of a Mazda Lola B12/80 prototype and the reflection of a crew member in the side of an Apollo Intensa Emozione race car. Similarly, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is featured in this trailer and it looks stunning, with dust, smoke and dirt flying over the track surface and beams of light shooting through the trees lining the iconic Corkscrew.

Perspectives of Forza Motorsport 8

Hopefully this will be something we see a lot of in-game, and not just hype for the trailer. (Image credit: Microsoft)

With just a minute’s preview to help us out until Turn 10 is willing to share more, that’s all we know about the next Forza Motorsport. It certainly seems to tease a change in the franchise’s direction, and the name certainly provides the most obvious clue. Still, we have many more questions.

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We wonder how much of the car-PG progression system from the old Forza games will translate to the new entry. We’re also curious what progress the team has made with regards to car customization, tuning, and aftermarket updates. Forza Motorsport once defined customization in the racing genre, but that aspect of the experience has languished in installment after installment. And what about the most requested features like dynamic weather and climate?

Indeed, all of those questions await answers, especially since some have theorized that the name change could accompany a move to a long-term service model for the series. However, if you’ve been wondering where Forza Motorsport could go since the seventh title was lukewarmly received by fans and critics alike, it at least looks like Turn 10 won’t be resting on its laurels this round. We can’t wait to learn more.

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